We are all writers of the world's future history.

Have you ever wonder that global scale reforestation is possible? Battle Forests supports you on protecting your loved ones, by planting trees around the planet.

how is it possible?

On the SpaceApps Challenge, organized by NASA agency, we collected and matched scientific data that helped us to understand what happens in each corner around the world. We designed a system that aims to keep The Earth away from self-destruction due to deforestation. Starts with your enrollment, through governments, private companies, scientists; everybody together planting trees around the world!

writting a new history

The 21st century will be recognized in history as the period of humanity where we have created infinite amount of information. Despite this, mankind’s developing model has brought us into a self-destructing stage.

From 1990 to 2015 we have lost 129 million hectares of forests. It means that the average forest area per capita declined from 0.8 hectares to 0.6 ha per person. At the same time carbon stocks in forests biomass have decreased by almost 11 gigatons.

To revert this trend we want to increase forested areas around the world using Battle Forests; a platform that integrates actors and process that will guarantee reforestation activities.

join us!

We are working to contribute with the Sustainable Development Goals, established by the United Nations General Assembly in the 2030 Development Agenda approved on September 25th, 2015.

simple like this

You plant trees

Choose a battle and plant trees. You may select several territories all around the world.

The World gets better

Each battle has specific achievements, but the main goal will always be to plant more trees than what you loose around the selected battle territory.

You get rewards

We will reward you depending on the number of trees you plant, how much carbon has been sequestrated, and how many battles around the world you win! Isn’t it easy?

Thank you for supporting us.

The Battle Forests project were selected to be evaluated directly by the NASA's jury on SpaceApps Challenge.